I'm a full-stack software engineer from Russia, based in London, UK.

I built my first app at the age of eleven and have been stretching beyond my perceived boundaries ever since.

I graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2011 from Omsk State Technical University.

You can always keep tabs on me by using a gluttonous variety of Social Media.

If you've found my work particularly useful and want to say thank you, there's a wide range of stuff I'd welcome on my wish list (UK) (US).

Drupal Association Premium Supporting Partner Drupal Association Individual Member

I help support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

Companies Worked For


BerkeleyX CS169.1x Software as a Service

CS169.1x teaches the fundamentals for engineering long-lived software using Agile techniques to develop Software as a Service (SaaS) using Ruby on Rails.

BerkeleyX CS169.2x Software as a Service

CS169.2x teaches sophisticated SaaS+Agile skills, such as working with legacy code, building on basics from CS169.1x.